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Ensembles and Architectures

I recall an epiphany about neural networks I had years back while developing a new system: ensembles of neural networks with highly dissimilar training paradigms can be superior, sometimes vastly so, in learning a set of training data when compared to … Continue reading

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Algorithms, Data Structures and AI

I recently had an interesting discussion about the enduring classic Gödel, Escher and Bach: An Eternal Gold Braid (GEB) by Douglas Hofstadter. The book is so famous and influential that High School classes have been modeled after it; it won the Pulitzer … Continue reading

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In Awe of the Cerebellum

A lot of the cool books and papers on AI I’ve read have focused on the role of the hippocampus and neocortex in human cognition. This seems right since the hippocampus is key in initial short term memory formation and the neocortex … Continue reading

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Self Organization

To me, AI self organization is a kind of spontaneous order that appears to emerge from random networks of simple neurons. Capturing this magic is a primary aim of AI these days and progress, although plagued with periods of stops … Continue reading

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